Today I had a mom of one of my campers come up to me when she was picking up her daughter at camp. She said that she was so grateful for what we were doing for her daughter and that her daughter was having so much fun. This made me smile because no matter how strung out I am, the kids having fun comes first.

I told her that her daughter was doing great and knew all her lines and was speaking loud and one of the best campers I had. She then went on to say that it’s amazing that I said she was speaking well because she has a speech impediment. This shocked me because I would never have guessed. I told the mom that and she pulled me aside and said “that really is a testament to what you are doing for her and how much this one week alone has impacted her.” 

I almost cried right on the spot. This week has been so reaffirming as to why theatre is so important and necessary in not just my life but in everyone else’s life as well. Honestly, I haven’t felt as good about myself and what I’m doing in  a really long time.